British Rally Championships

Great Britain is the home to many of the world's top rally teams, and our challenging roads have a history of providing an excellent training ground for rally drivers from all over Europe who want to progress to the highest level of the sport.

A few highlights are below, but rally events are geographically spread across the entire of the UK providing excellent coverage for team sponsors.

Wales: Currently home to Britain's round of the World Rally Championship, Wales Rally GB. Super fast gravel in the dry, very tricky and muddy in the wet!

Isle of Man/Ireland: Twisting bumpy tarmac roads which are considered to be some of the toughest tarmac stages in the world. In the wet watch out for shiny patches...just like ice!

Northern England and Scotland: Kielder's ditches have a reputation for wrecking cars which has earned it the nickname 'Killer Kielder' while the classic Scottish tests are known for puncturing tyres with the slightest mistake from a driver.

Southern England and Midlands: Originally devoid of quality special stage rallies, the south is now home to several fantastic events with the added bonus of their proximity to London for hospitality opportunities.












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