2000 Season Review

Front runners and Award winners:
Andrew and APCsport graduated to the 'Rally 2000' championship on the turn of the century, a larger championship, encompassing the whole of the South of England. The challenge of new venues and competitors was faced with more maturity and a stronger team, and the results kept coming.

Andrew scored more 'firsts' for himself and the team, taking fastest stage times on events, finishing in the top three in class and consistently approaching the top 10 in a car that should not have been capable of such feats. But most of the progress in 2000 was made away from the Special Stages. Andrew entered The Roger Clark Award, designed to help progress young British driver's careers, and was honoured to be selected by the Motor Sport Association UK for their Fit to be Champion scheme.

The Fit to be Champion scheme was run by the MSA to physically prepare the next generation of rally drivers for the challenge of World Championship level competition. Just 20 young drivers from the UK were selected for the 12 month program of fitness tests, physical training, sports psychology and nutrition. Only 12 drivers contested both Fit to be Champion and the Roger Clark Award, Andrew being one.

As the season drew to a close, the future was somewhat uncertain. The results had been outstanding, but Andrew's ability was starting to outgrow the car, and with this increased speed, inevitable breakdowns came too. At the last 2000 event the team contested, unbeknown to Andrew, international rally team 22 Motorsport were in attendance. With them was the organiser of the Roger Clark Award, spectating after retiring from the event. Andrew's speed caught both parties eye, and 'the call' for 2001 came; an offer to contest the 2001 ANCRO National Rally Championship in one of 22 Motorsport's rally cars.











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