Andrew Coley Q & A 2004

We thought you'd like to know a bit more about Andrew, so we asked him a series of obscure questions! Most relate to rallying, but we threw in the occasional 'real world' question to trip him up! Take a look at the driver profile page for more info.

What inspired you to start rallying?
Always loved cars, raced radio controlled cars at national level before I could drive. Had a 'kids' driving lesson at Brands Hatch when I was 16, (I'm working there as a rally instructor 10 years on!) then went to a rally school for the day and got the bug big time
First rally car? Vauxhall Nova 1600 Grp A. Took 2 years to gather enough money for the car, never looked tidy from the outside but was awesome mechanically, great car
First event and result? Abingdon Carnival Stages 1998. It rained and we only had slicks, then retired with overheating brakes
Best result? 2nd in ANCRO class A7 championship at first attempt.
Worst result? Longcross 98, my 2nd event! Engine was damaged from my 1st rally, but we didn't know till it expired on the start of SS1. Did 3 miles, Mum cried!
Favourite Special Stage driven? Resolfen, without doubt. My first experience of a 'proper' gravel stage, 18.5 miles, fog at the top, biggest wake up call ever. Second time through I enjoyed it even more, and we were much faster
Favourite event contested? Probably Swansea Bay Rally, due to the use of the Rally GB WRC stages
Prefer Gravel or Tarmac? Either if the car feels good
Most like to compete on which BRC/WRC event? Manx/New Zealand or Finland. Settle for Rally GB though!
Do you have a fitness regime for rallying? Yes; I try to make it enjoyable and not just a gym slog. Mountain biking for CV fitness, Kayaking and surfing for upper body in summer, Gym in winter. Swimming whenever I can; I used to swim for Sussex so I still enjoy a few laps! No alcohol for a week before an event, I think it really makes a difference to my performance
Ambition? Drive for a manufacturer
Best overall rallying moments? Getting 'the call' from 22 Motorsport, finally getting my hands on an ex-works Impreza in '04, being selected by MSA for 'Fit to be Champion' scheme and of course the championship results in '99 and '01
Worst overall rallying moment? Had a very bad day testing when I was with 22, bad luck and bad judgment. I hit a deer at 100mph (bad luck) then carried on flat out testing (bad judgment) and the power steering had been damaged. Obviously I didn't know and we sailed off into a hedge at 70mph. Learnt a lot about becoming a professional driver that day, and raised my game accordingly
Funniest rallying moments? Making Tim (co-driver) sick after he went out the night before an event, served him right! My No.1 Technician Simon showing off by ordering a curry that was dangerously hot, then trying to eat it and look cool. He ate about 3 mouthfuls and was in tears for hours.
First event you spectated on? The one and only running of the London International Rally. Malcolm Wilson was 1st car in the woods, I remember guessing how fast I thought he'd come through and being totally blown away by the actual speed he did come through at. Mum hid behind a tree about 50 metres from the road; she doesn't spectate with me and dad so much now!
Co-drivers sat with Tim Slattery, Dan Pearce, Chris Coley
Favourite Grp.A, Grp.B and WRC cars 1995 Impreza or SEAT Ibiza evo 2, Quattro or 6R4 for noise, 205T16 for results, 04 Impreza or Focus, so refined for rally cars.
Favourite rally driver McRae and Makinen; legends with the extra speed when it really counts
Favourite sports person outside rallying The big achievers in any sport; people like Steve Redgrave, Lance Armstrong, McEnroe! Alex Zanardi too, inspirational
Favourite film Star Wars, watched a thousand times as a kid. And Snatch, Guy Richie movie
Favourite holiday destination Canaries at the moment; Sun but with wind and waves, and they love rallying!
Favourite food Mexican, Indian, pasta or beans and cheese on toast!
Favourite drink Partial to the occasional beer!




























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