TV debut for Andrew

Flat out on BBC Three! APCsport rally driver Andrew Coley is set to feature in an episode of new BBC Three program 'Who Would Hire You?'

Filming was completed on a cold wet day in February, using one of Brands Hatch's 206 Super Cup Rally Cars. The BBC contacted the circuit, in need of a rally driver who could train the subject of the program, Owain, a 20 year old music student, how to be a top rally co-driver. Andrew proved to be the man for the job and was drafted in at short notice for a day of filming.

"It was a slippery day which is always bad news when filming; one off and the footage never disappears! Owain took a couple of runs to get used to reading the notes at rally speed, but he did well for someone with no experience."

Evidently Andrew also did well; both Brands Hatch and APCsport received letters from the Beeb praising Andrew's input on the day. Andrew commented at the time:

"They tell you not to take any notice of the camera, just be natural. But the TV camera was huge and I couldn't believe how near they film for the head shots! Very strange. I got my own back for the action though...they stood well back for that!"

The program is to be aired first on BBC Three at 8pm on April 6th 2005, followed by repeats on BBC Three and a possible repeat on BBC Two later in the year.









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