APCsport in 2008

Help put Bexhill back on the motorsport map!

Bexhill based rally team APCsport want to put Bexhill back on the motorsport map! Bexhill was the venue and 1902 the year for the first ever motor race held in Great Britain organised by the 8th Earl De La Warr along Bexhill seafront.

Driver Andrew Coley and co-driver Dan Pearce are pictured on Bexhill seafront (see Gallery) with APCsport's Peugeot 206 Cup Car and a sculpture of the Serpollet steam car, which won the Bexhill event in 1902. The team are currently preparing the car for the 2008 season, due to start with the Bournemouth based Rallye Sunseeker in February.

Of their 2008 plans, driver Andrew Coley said: “We're proud of the motor racing heritage of Bexhill but it would be nice for the town to be a little better known in motor racing circles. We're going to have some ‘Bexhill – Birthplace of British Motorsport” decals on the car, but we need support from local companies or individuals to continue competing for the whole year. If anyone can introduce us to a sponsor I will personally guarantee them a high speed passenger ride alongside me, if they have the nerve for it!”

Working full time as a motorsport instructor to fund the team, Coley is acutely aware that sponsorship is difficult in the UK but believes that interest in the sport is growing again thanks to Lewis Hamilton's presence in Formula 1. He remarked: “We don't expect someone to sponsor APCsport's efforts for just a decal on the car; we want to provide a useful marketing tool for local companies with the possibility of some corporate driving experience days to give a great opportunity for sponsors to entertain their guests.”

Andrew estimates the total budget for the year to be around £16k, with the team currently only having funds to be able to contest the first quarter of the MSA National Gravel Rally Championship. For more information on opportunities available please contact Andrew Coley on 07866 635741 or through the Contact APCsport page of this website.














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