Rallying for Road Safety

What is Rallying for Road Safety? Read on to find out more about APCsport's road safety initiative.

Rallying for Road Safety is new initiative set up by APCsport Rally Team, in response to the increasing number of avoidable accidents on the roads of the UK. The scheme has been in the planning stage for 6 months, but finally got underway after our driver Andrew Coley, who sees a huge amount of driving action as a Motorsport Instructor, received an excellent response to an article he wrote for local press on a nearby accident blackspot.

'I couldn't understand why everyone was crashing on this one particular piece of road, the dangers seemed so obvious to me. It was this thought that made me realise that although the dangers were obvious to a rally driver, perhaps they weren't to someone who just drives from A to B each day. So I wrote to the paper, who printed my analysis of the road in question, to which the response was amazing.'

Andrew continues: I believe there are 2 types of dangerous driver; those who don't know any better through lack of experience, and those who don't care about their own or anyone else's safety. The former group just need the benefit of other people's experience, while the latter need to find an outlet for their passion for fast driving, like trackdays or karting for example.'

'Everyone I've spoken to is enthusiastic about our plans. People seem very willing to listen to a rally driver about driving, we're quite lucky with the amount of respect we're given for what we do. Most people think its crazy to drive through a forest at 100mph, but it's a controlled environment, with all the safety kit in place; the open road isn't. If that simple fact helps people understand that the track is the ONLY place to drive flat out, then fantastic.'

Here at APCsport.com we will be publishing a series of articles on the website about everything from driving in the rain to attending trackdays. Commercial partners are being sought to enable the team to attend some 999 style events and develop Rallying for Road Safety to its full potential. If you are interested in being involved, or have any subjects you would like to see covered on the website, please contact APCsport.













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