Tips for New Drivers

So you've passed you test? Remember that passing your test is the first step in learning to drive…you're on your own from now on, so here are APCsport's top tips for new drivers.

Expect the unexpected: Remember that other drivers may not do what you expect them to do! Everybody picks up bad habits over the years of driving, especially with regard to indicators; just because someone is indicating don't expect them to turn!

Always watch the road: You don't need to look at your passenger to talk to them! Ears are for listening, eyes are for watching the road! They can look at you, but you must always watch the road ahead. The same goes for stereo systems: use it but don't look at it. Stop if you need to change CD's or radio stations and cannot find the correct button!

Mobile Phones: If you must use a mobile phone when driving, then always use a hands free kit. If you know you will be travelling many miles in your car, then buy a phone with voice activated dialling; that way you can always concentrate on your driving.

Drive to the conditions: Wet roads are slippery! Damp roads are often even more slippery; tyres work best in fully wet or fully dry conditions. Be especially careful if it has been dry for several weeks, as all the muck on the road will be lifted in the first shower. Ice covered roads are worst of all. You wouldn't run across an ice rink so drive VERY slowly if you have to drive at all!

Motorways: Take your time to learn motorways; everybody is nervous at first. Don't drive too slowly (less than 40mph) or too fast (more than 70mph). If conditions are bad (Fog, snow, heavy rain) keep your eyes peeled for motorway signs with temporary speed limits. Look a long way up the road and react immediately if you see a problem ahead: you can never brake too early, only too late!

Overtaking: Never, ever, overtake if you have any doubt that you can complete the manoeuvre safely. Be even more careful in the dark as it is harder to judge speed and distance. If you do need to overtake, remember to indicate and check your blind spot, as well as using a suitable gear. It is always better to overtake quickly, usually by using a lower gear for the overtaking manoeuvre. The less time it takes to overtake, the less time you are in danger.

Enjoy your driving, and drive carefully!

Disclaimer: APCsport takes no responsibility for the actions of people who have read this website. The advice is common sense, not rules of the road and you should always make decisions based on your own situation and safety!!















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