Media Coverage

The key to good media coverage in any sport is targeting your audience and coming up with an angle for a story. APCsport is experienced enough to know that the average newspaper reader is not going to be interested in what compound of tyre rubber we used on an event!

They may, however, be intruiged by how the co-driver communicates pacenotes to the driver, what they mean and what difference they make to the speed over a stage.

APCsport has an extra advantage when it comes to gaining publicity for our sponsors and associate companies; our driver Andrew Coley is often asked to contribute to publications and as a result we have achieved a fantastic amount of press coverage over the years we have been competing.

With Andrew's first hand stories making such easy reading, media outlets are often able to use his work with no modification, saving them time and money and increasing the chances of publication. View some examples of Andrew's work HERE.

Andrew has also made many TV appearances in the last couple of years, establishing himself as a character who is as happy to talk as he is to drive on camera. Recent appearances in his role as rally driver or motorsport instructor have included:

GMTV on ITV, 'Who Would Hire You?' on BBC3, Meridian News on ITV, Dakar Challenge on Eurosport, 'Formula Woman' on Motors TV, 'Girl Racers' on Channel 5, and promotional DVD work for SEAT Sport UK.

APCsport will work with partner companies to focus publicity on the area or publications they require; magazines are crying out for 'free' copy and we are in strong position to provide it. Contact us for further details.











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